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5 Benefits of Vehicle Tracking for Green Cars

driver-with-tracking.jpg Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking devices are used by car owners to monitor a car’s location, its speed and the driving habits of its user.
Expert Market, a vehicle tracking sourcing website
for businesses, explains why installing a tracker on a green car can have real benefits for owners, both environmental and otherwise.

Reduced Fuel Usage

Whilst green vehicles have significantly reduced fuel consumption compared to regular cars, they still use energy of some sort which will result in the production of CO2 emissions. Installing a tracker on a green car, whether for personal or corporate use, can help you track its movements to calculate the optimum route. If you opt for a tracker which includes a messaging system, you can then update routes to respond to real time traffic situations. This means hybrid car drivers can cut their fuel usage by around a further 25 per cent and electric car drivers can extend periods between recharges.

A Green Driving Style

Trackers do not only monitor a vehicle’s location and speed, but also the driver’s habits. A driver who engages in unnecessary revving, excessive idling or speeding will increase the amount of fuel used and CO2 pumped into the atmosphere. Using vehicle trackers to monitor drivers and using the results to re-educate members of the fleet can cut the usage of fuel in hybrid cars even further. Information about these fuel savings can be passed onto your customers, thereby allowing the business to highlight its green credentials even further.

Vehicle Security

The biggest environmental and cost impact of any new vehicle is its manufacture. By investing in a vehicle tracker for your green car, you will reduce the risk of it being stolen and increase the likelihood of recovery in this event. This not only reduces your costs but has the added environmental benefit of reducing production of vehicles. A further bonus is that this increased security is likely to reduce your insurance premiums too. For individual green car owners this can be very useful as a hybrid car can cost many thousands of pounds, even for a second hand model.

Reducing Maintenance

For businesses with a fleet of green vehicles, many tracking systems come with maintenance planning software. Using this to plan vehicle maintenance of your fleet in a systematic manner rather than a haphazard way will significantly extend the life of your fleet. Again, this feature has both environmental benefits and financial ones as the extension of a vehicle’s life will save the company from buying replacements. Additionally, this will help minimise unexpected hits to your cash flow as maintenance costs can be planned in advance. Typically, it will take at least a year for these reduced costs to be shown on your bottom line.

Driver Tracking

Lastly, using a vehicle tracker means you can help reduce unwanted stops during the day, unauthorised personal journeys and moonlighting. Monitoring this will again help from an environmental perspective as it reduces fuel usage and maintenance in company vehicles. It can also help reduce the risk of the business receiving an unwanted bill from the taxman by demonstrating that all driving done in company vehicles relates to company business.

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