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Corvette EV Models: Things You Need to Know

For Corvette lovers the world over, there is good news! American car manufacturer Chevrolet announced recently that fans should expect two new EV releases in the coming couple of years. The first, which will be a hybrid, is expected sometime later in 2023. However, Chevrolet will be going fully electric, with its second staple due for release in 2024.

Both instalments are under development, and the car giant has continued to give a few scoops and tips on what should be expected from the luxury brand. Indeed, the future for Corvette EV models is now a reality. Rumours have been rife for years, with fans and enthusiasts anticipating a release. With this announcement, everyone’s pumped about the exciting new features the automobile giant hopes to bring to the market.

What Fans Should Look Forward To

In this post, let’s take a look at the upcoming Corvette EV models. We’ll discuss some of the swanky Corvette parts and accessories and new features, as well as highlight some key information. Continue reading to learn more…

Power Rating

Let us begin first by talking about the engine power of the Corvette EVs. Chevrolet is yet to announce how much power both EVs are expected to produce. Nonetheless, what we’ll discuss here is our expert summation of what fans can expect. There is a wide understanding among a cross-section of Corvette fans that the hybrid will easily trump the current Corvette Stingray Z06’s 670-horsepower rating.

A lot of speculation points to the idea that Chevrolet will be hitting over a 1,000-horsepower landmark with the new hybrid. As is common with most electric vehicles, much of that power will be shored off but put to work almost spontaneously as required. Many believe that this will be this hybrid’s greatest strength, and it will have one of the most impressive accelerations of any modern EV.


Performance is also top of the discussion for most Corvette enthusiasts when it comes to the hybrid. However, those numbers will be fully dependent on the kind of drivetrain components it deploys in transmission. Some argue that the area powered by petrol could still maintain the Stingray’s Z06’s 5.5-litre flat-plane-crank V8 or the 495-horsepower 6.2-litre V8.

As for motor choice, Chevrolet has a wide range of electric motor choices they could pick from. These could range from 100 hp to a few hundreds. They could decide to use one or work with a couple just to boost performance.


Chevy’s parent company, GM, has previously announced that customers should expect a minimum of 400-volt battery packs for all their EVs. Already, fans anticipate something even higher for the 2023 hybrid and its successor, the fully-electric 2025 Corvette EV. We don’t have all the information regarding the battery build at the time of writing.

But one thing we know for certain is that the EVs will be powered solely on GM’s Ultium battery platform already in use by other EV models. A notable example is the Chevy Silverado, a state-of-the-art EV pick-up truck. It is speculated that with GM’s Ultium EV platform, the Corvette EV will give its contemporaries like the Porsche 718 and the Dodge Challenger eMuscle a run for their money.

Charging Capabilities

With the new EVs, fans should expect improved charging, especially with GM’s Ultium platform. This improvement should come with fast-charging capabilities as high as 200 kW DC. That is a whopping 4x the charging speed of the average EV battery, which is a major boost, all things considered. How well the Corvette EV battery will fare under cold weather is yet to be seen.

What we know for now is that the battery is certainly built for long hours on the road without the constant need for a charging station.

Where Will the EVs Be Built?

So, let’s discuss where the hybrid and full-electric Corvette EVs will be built or assembled. There is no clear information regarding where manufacturing will take place. However, word on the street is that both EVs will be assembled in GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky factory. This is the only factory in the world that manufactures and assembles Chevrolet Corvettes.

However, some parts may be sourced and shipped in from other locations, such as the electric motors and battery packs. The GM’s Ultium battery technology, for instance, will come from one of three plant locations: Michigan, Spring Hill, or Ohio. There is a fourth battery plant still in the works, and this should be announced soon.

Preparing For the Corvette EVs

Well, that’s all we have now for the Corvette EVs. As of the time of writing, Chevrolet is still keeping a lot under wraps and will disclose more as time goes on. Of course, these bad boys won’t come cheap. The asking price for either one should be in the region of anything from $100,000 to $120,000.