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Debunking Electric Vehicle Charging Myths

As we start to shift towards more sustainable methods of travelling, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Despite their growing presence on the road, there are still numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding EV charging. Let’s explore and debunk some of these myths to clear the air and answer some of your burning questions around electric vehicle charging!

Myth 1: Electric Vehicles Are Too Expensive

A common myth surrounding electric vehicles is that they are incredibly expensive. While it’s true that the upfront cost of an electric vehicle can be higher than a petrol or diesel car, the total cost of ownership often favours EVs. For instance, drivers don’t have to pay for road tax If they own an electric vehicle. Not only that, but electric vehicle owners don’t have to pay any congestion charges.

Myth 2: EV Charging Takes Too Long

Another common misconception is that charging an electric vehicle can take a considerable amount of time. While it’s true that charging an EV can take longer than filling up a conventional car, the variety of charging options available today makes it more convenient than ever. There are a number of different electric charging cables out there on the market, from 5 metre to 10 metre charging cables. Level 2 chargers, commonly used at home, can fully charge most EVs overnight. Rapid DC chargers can replenish up to 80% of an EV’s battery in about 30 minutes. With advancements in technology, the charging time continues to decrease.

Myth 3: There Are Not Enough Charging Stations

It is often pointed out that there are not enough charging stations, when in reality the number of charging stations is expanding rapidly, supported by both public and private investments. In fact, ZapMap found that over 50,000 charging stations have now been installed in the UK. Take a look at our blog to find out more about ZapMaps’ findings surrounding charging stations!

Myth 4: EVs Aren’t Suitable for Long Trips

Some still believe that EVs are only good for short commutes and aren’t practical for long-distance travel. While early EV models had limited range, modern EVs are equipped with batteries that can cover 200-300 miles on a single charge, with some high-end models exceeding 400 miles. On top of that, the introduction of fast-charging networks makes long-distance travel much easier, allowing drivers to quickly recharge their vehicles at service stations.

Myth 5: EV Batteries Are Bad for the Environment

Concerns about the environmental impact of electric batteries are valid, but they are often overstated. Battery technology is evolving rapidly, and recycling programmes are becoming more efficient, reducing the environmental footprint of battery production. The overall emissions associated with electric vehicles are significantly lower than those of traditional vehicles, especially as more renewable energy sources come online.

Myth 6: Charging an EV Is Complicated

Some are put off by electric vehicles because they worry that the process of charging is too complex. In reality, EV charging is straightforward and user-friendly. Most EVs come with a standard charging cable, and public chargers are designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Invest in High-Quality Charging Cables Today

As electric vehicles continue to evolve, so does the technology and infrastructure supporting them. By debunking these myths, we hope to encourage more people to consider making the switch to electric. If you’re looking to add a charging station to your home, then you should certainly consider Cord EV charging cables. APD Car Parts have partnered with Cord EV to ensure that you have access to high-quality electric charging cables. When shopping for Cord EV charging cables, customers can benefit from a three-year warranty, adding peace of mind to your charging setup. Read more about their partnership here.