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Electric Vehicle Photography – How We Do It

Green Car Guide has reviewed every electric car that’s ever been on sale in the UK, and we’ve also photographed them all. That means that we have a photolibrary of well over 10,000 images of electric cars, which we’ve shot during road tests.

To get the best photography, we need locations that reflect our green brand, and clean cars, but there are very few car washes in the middle of the mountains, so what do we do? – we take our own car washing kit. We’ve tried various car cleaning product brands over 18 years, and Autoglym (a UK company) seems to offer the best, consistent quality.

For clean, shiny bodywork, car wash shampoo is the main product that we need. Autoglym Ceramic Wash & Protect is a triple-action ceramic shampoo which is advertised as offering a “high-gloss shine”, and it appears to deliver this in real-world use. To get a bit technical for a moment, Ceramic Wash & Protect features “high-quality surfactants that help to lift dirt and stubborn grime from paintwork and ‘capture’ it in the solution for easy rinsing”. Ceramic Wash & Protect’s hydrophobic finish is designed to reduce the time and effort required to dry the car, which is also useful for quick washes on location before photoshoots. A one-litre bottle of Autoglym Ceramic Wash & Protect claims to deliver up to 33 washes for £24.99.

The other key element in car photography is clean wheels, and a set of tyres that don’t look dull, so we use Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing. This spray contains polymer silicone protectants that ‘dress’ the tyres, making them look darker (and newer). The result is a light glossy sheen, or a matte finish if you wipe the tyre with a cloth. Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing is available for £11.99.

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