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How to Prepare Your Old Electric Car for Sale to Get a Good Deal

With the growing popularity of electric cars, more and more people are considering trading their old models for newer ones. If you’re one of them, there’s no need to worry about selling your old car. Here are some tips on how to prepare your vehicle so you can get a good deal when it goes up for sale.

Clear Out the Interior

The first thing you want to do is clear out the interior. It means removing all clutter, cleaning the interior and tires, washing the exterior of your car, and even cleaning the dashboard and steering wheel. If you have pets that you’ve kept in or around your car, remove their hair from everywhere it can be found.

When cleaning up inside, ensure everything has been cleaned thoroughly, including seats, floor mats, and windows. Of course, you’ll want to ensure there aren’t any stains on these areas, either.

If you’re worried about staining from cleaner spills or other mishaps during washing/waxing, choose a gentle cleanser when cleaning upholstery-related spills yourself. It’ll be cheaper than replacing expensive fabric panels due to careless mistakes.

Wash, Polish, and Wax Your Car

When selling your old electric car, the first thing you need to do is wash and polish your vehicle thoroughly. Use a high-quality car wax or polish to protect the paint and make sure it shines as much as possible. It is also a good idea to clean all dirt, grime, bugs, and other debris from your vehicle before listing it for sale.

You can use any soap or detergent on hand for washing purposes. However, if you want better results, then it’s recommendable using an automotive shampoo designed specifically for cleaning vehicles. They’ve been tested with different types of finishes.

Have Your Car Serviced

You can get a better deal by having your car serviced and fixed before you sell it. If there are any problems with the vehicle, such as transmission issues or engine problems, these should be addressed before putting your car up for sale.

In addition, as per Weber Automotives, a professional technician should inspect your car seasonally to ensure good performance when the weather is extremely hot or cold.

It’s necessary to check if there are any recalls on your electric vehicle because this will reduce its resale value significantly. You must contact Tesla directly if they have issued a recall on your model so that they can arrange for someone to come and inspect the problem with your EV.

Repair Minor Body Damage and Scratches

If there are minor scratches on the exterior of your car, you can use a scratch repair kit to get rid of them. It is a great way to make sure that you get the most money for your electric car when selling it in used condition.

If the scratches are severe enough and require more than just painting, then take it to an auto body shop and have them fixed.

Another way people repair body damage is by using paint pens. These pens come in many colors so that people can match whatever color their car happens to be before applying fresh coats of paint onto affected areas. This method works very well because all colors can be matched perfectly without causing any discoloration or streaks on either side.

Upgrade Old Tyres

Upgrading your old tyres is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your old electric car for sale. Tyres are often overlooked by people who don’t know how important they are to a vehicle’s performance. They’re one of the most critical parts of a car’s safety and resale value.

If you’re looking to sell your old electric car, you should first replace its tyres. If you have old tyres on your electric car, it could be dangerous and decrease its resale value. With new tyres, however, you’ll be able to drive safely and get more money when selling your vehicle down the line.

Test All Systems for Functionality

The most important thing to do before you sell your car is to test all its systems. It will allow you to be assured that they’re all in working order and that there aren’t any problems with them.

Start by checking the lights and gauges in your dashboard. Lights include hazard lights, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, etc., while gauges are used to measure things like speedometer readings or fuel levels. These should all be functional if there’s no damage to the vehicle’s electrical system or wiring harnesses.

Check them out one by one so that you can see how well they work when activated individually.

Test all doors/windows/locks for functionality, and move on towards air conditioning units and heaters, radios, speakers, airbags, seat belts, and brakes. Pay attention not only from an “inside” perspective but also from an “outside” perspective.

Consider Getting a New Battery

If you’re considering selling your electric car, you may wonder if it’ll be worth something to potential buyers. Unfortunately, even if your car is running great and looks like new on the outside, plenty of things can make a prospective buyer walk away from the deal. For example, one of the biggest problems with older electric cars is their batteries and the fact that they can only last for so long.

Consider getting a new battery before putting your old car up for sale. Newer batteries are more efficient and reliable than old ones, and some models even come with warranties for as long as five years. A fresh set of batteries isn’t cheap, though. They generally cost between $2,000-$10,000 per unit, as per Verify.

Proper Care of Your Car Will Help Get a Better Deal

You can never underestimate the importance of taking proper care of your vehicle. The more care and attention you put into the upkeep and maintenance of your car, the better it will provide for you in return.

If you want to get a good deal on an old electric car when selling it, one way to prepare is by taking good care of your vehicle. According to Globe News Wire, used Electric car prices exceed the customer price index by 12% compared to all used cars in the US.

The better condition your old electric car is in, the higher the price tag its buyer will expect from them. Ideally, this means that if you are planning on selling off an old electric car soon, then now would be a good time for some maintenance work.

The bottom line is that you should take good care of your car so that when it’s time to sell it, you get the best deal possible. If you want to get more out of your old vehicle, consider the above tips and tricks.