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Let’s Talk About Electric Cars and Range

Electric cars are the future. Nobody is denying that. But, they aren’t as great as they could be in one area. The range. Sure, they are quick, simpler, and probably more reliable than conventional combustion engines. However, the main problem that is making people think twice about buying an electric car is the sheer range problems they face. So let’s explore what could affect the range and how it can be improved for electric cars.

The tyres

We have to look at the tyres of electric cars and consider what could be the best way to get the most range from them. There are plenty of choices for tyres online and they can be fitted to any car if you wish. However, we need to understand the grip pattern, depth, material and inner design of the tyres matter a lot when it comes to squeezing out every mile out of the battery. The key is to have as much air in the tyre as possible, while not losing grip on the road. GreenCarReports have shown the choice of tyre matters a whole lot. An electric car that could have 125 miles range, gets cut to less than 100 purely from a bad tyre choice.

Improving a lot

Currently, many electric cars advertise about 300 miles of range. In realistic settings, they actually give about 250-280 miles. However, there are manufacturers that are seeking to focus purely in this area to improve their standing in the consumer’s eye. For example, Lucid is hoping to create a luxury saloon that will offer 400-500 miles of range. They want to release this vehicle within the next year or so. The range is improving but it comes down to a number of things. Aerodynamics, battery technology, motor design, weight and efficiency in power delivery are all key areas that need to flow together.

Driving habits

One of the things that drivers need to focus on is their own driving style. They don’t have to push the throttle down for as long a time to get power from electric cars. There is no such thing as revs and gear changes anymore. This means that better behaviour by drivers in their power needs plays a big role in achieving the maximum range possible by an electric car. Not to mention, electric cars deliver their power instantly, there’s no waiting around for it. So you could say, power is more readily used.

Charge points

The range of electric cars would not be such an issue if it wasn’t for the lack of charge points. Even if a conventional car has only 300 miles of range, that would not put us off from buying it, because a fuel station is never going to be too far away. If more electric charge points were available, perhaps we’d stop caring about the overall range of electric cars.

Electric cars and range will be the talking point that never goes away, a bit like conventional cars and MPG. But, things are improving and hopefully, it won’t be such a big issue in a few years.