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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with Michelin CrossClimate all-season tyres

Lower your emissions with the right tyres

Buying quality car tyres can be a tough job for all motorists. It has been commonly noticed that people tend to spend a lot of their money on other car parts, but when it comes to buying car tyres, they prefer investing little. This practice can be life threatening as tyres are the most important part of a vehicle. They do not only ensure your safety on road but also offer a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Poor quality car tyres can put your life at risk, drain your savings and even has an adverse impact on the environment.

Poor quality tyres increase your fuel consumption, thereby increasing the emissions of CO2 from your vehicle. Greater rolling resistance is more common in poor quality tyres and is what causes increased fuel consumption, which eventually damages our environment. Luckily, tyre brands like Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli etc. have taken the initiative to produce eco-friendly tyres that are made up of a material that decreases your rolling resistance and fuel consumption, ultimately saving the environment from unnecessary and harmful gases or fumes. To decrease your fuel consumption and to enjoy a safe and smooth drive, you can opt for eco-friendly car tyres.

Choosing the right tyre size and the right tyre brand is equally important when buying quality car tyres. Buying car tyres of a renowned company automatically means that you do not have to worry about factors like rolling resistance, rubber compound, tread pattern etc as popular tyres brands manufacture tyres considering all these aspects. Similarly, knowing your correct tyre size is equally important as with over or under-sized car tyres you will be affecting your car’s suspension and economy. Your exact tyre size is mentioned in your owner’s manual, make sure to refer it before purchasing new car tyres.

A lot of debate has been done on when is the right time to replace tyres. Well, there’s no definite answer. Whenever you see signs of tyre wear or tyre ageing, you should consider replacing your car tyres. Although industry specialists believe that your tyres should be replaced if they are more than 10 years old. However, if you witness tread wear, damaged sidewalls or any hole in the tread that is greater than 6mm, then you should visit your nearby garage and get it replaced within time. Readers from Basingstoke can buy new tyres and enjoy professional fitting at Headley Tyres based in Basingstoke. Their staff will also help you in selecting the perfect fit!