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New car, tidy the garage


There’s an old joke about tidying your garage: Make three piles – things you definitely need, things you might need and things you don’t need – then throw them all away.

When it comes to
car insurance
, keeping your garage tidy is no laughing matter. And whilst we wouldn’t advocate throwing everything out to make space for your car, taking time to clear enough room for your car is a worthwhile investment.

In 2010, the Daily Telegraph reported that there were 9.3m private garages in the UK. However, the Daily Mail last year told us that the number of cars stored in a garage has fallen by a third in a decade, with only 19% of cars being put in a garage at night. These figures correlate with
’s own desk research, which suggests that those lucky enough to own a garage often fail to use it.

Unfortunately, whilst the nation is desperate to convert their garage into an extra room, or gratefully use it as much needed storage space, the vast majority of vehicle thefts involve cars parked outside the home.

This is a particular problem for new cars in the UK. Expensive, new cars advertise your vehicle and your home to thieves, attracting precisely the wrong sort of attention. Hiding your car from view, a garage door is an effective barrier between you and a thief, saving you from losing your brand new wheels and, when it comes to car insurance, your NCD.

So, we might be a bit late for a spring clean, but how about a summer spruce? Take some time to make enough space in your garage to keep your car in there at night. It’s much more of a headache to wake up to the sound of your car being driven away and having to use your car insurance than spending an afternoon throwing out some unwanted junk!

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