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Recharging an Electric Car Away From Your Home

electric-charging-low-res.jpg It’s the ultimate environmentally-friendly option for motorists and despite a few doubts regarding nationwide sustainability from both a customer and industry perspective, the electric car is set to gain in popularity thanks to strong financial backing from the UK government. The creation of more charge points for electric cars in the likes of hospitals and petrol stations will no doubt lead to more interest from motorists looking to go green and escape rising petrol prices.

Whilst more charging points are still in the development phase, there are many questions about how an electric car actually works – is it worth the purchase? How easy is one to run and ultimately will you be able to charge your car on the go?

How does it work?

Usually, the first option for recharging an electric car is by using your mains at home but once more charging points have been created across the country you’ll have the option to charge your car in a host of public places too.

Knowing where these charging points are located has long been an issue for prospective customers but with the growth of the industry there is a now a variety of ways of finding out where your local charging point is located. Up to date information on the availability of electric vehicle charge points can also be found online from various providers, this also helps with booking a slot for charge points.

Is it free?

At the moment, many charge points are free to use yet it is likely that motorists in the future will be expected to pay an annual subscription fee plus a charge for electricity used which would be monitored by Radio Frequency Identification. Whilst you’re charging your car, free parking is also often provided to attract customers to local businesses.

British Gas has also launched new car deals available at Bristol Street Motors
which include a free nationwide charging package – by getting a home charger fitted for free by British Gas, motorists will also gain access to the POLAR network to charge their car when recharging away from home.

How long does it take to charge your car?

There’s no doubt that charging electric cars can often be a time consuming process with 8 hours being around the average time for a car to be fully charged. However, as the electric vehicle market expands and models of electric cars for sale available at Bristol Street Motors
increases, rapid chargers are being developed so that a battery can be recharged in a little as one and a half hours.

What’s happening digitally?

Development in the Electric Vehicle industry can also be shown through its digital growth. This July saw the launch of the very first app, ‘Charge Your Car’ which allows EV owners to find, navigate and purchase EV charging anywhere. Payment is available on the major smartphones, via any mobile network operator and using any debit or credit card account, including Visa and Mastercard .

The result?

Considerable financial backing has allowed the EV industry to develop a significant amount. More accessible charging points alleviates fears of finding an available charging point away from home, a gain in popularity has allowed for digital development – points are easier to find and payment is considerably easier.