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Roadside Assistance: What does it cover and why do I need it?

VW Golf with Recovery Truck

Driving opens up a whole world of fun activities, getting you from A to B without the need for lengthy train journeys or packed buses. Unfortunately, things can sometimes go wrong, leaving you in stressful situations only made worse by being unprepared. You’ve probably heard of roadside assistance before, but getting to grips with how it helps in these situations as well as why you need it can be overwhelming. If you want to find out more about roadside assistance, keep reading to find out everything you need to know and how you can get it.

While we all hope we can go through life without breaking down, it’s highly likely that your car will falter at one point or another. In fact, a 2016 report by RAC revealed that they attend over 2.5 million breakdowns each year, which works out at almost 7,000 a day in the UK alone. Roadside assistance offers protection in this situation, with your provider giving you a number to call when you require help. They’ll then send out a fully trained engineer to get you back on the road.

Different providers offer their own packages so it’s well worth checking out your options rather than going for the first one that pops up when you search. Many insurance providers and roadside assistance groups will provide this type of cover, such as Green Flag. Comparing what they have to offer for the price is a good way to make a decision, but make sure you also check out customer satisfaction reviews, too. Websites like Trustpilot can give you a great insight into the experiences of other customers to help you make up your mind.

Speaking of roadside emergencies, you may be questioning what counts as one and when you should call for assistance. It’s a good idea to speak to your provider about this when enquiring about cover, but there are a number of situations that most would consider a roadside emergency. According to the FBFS, your roadside assistance should cover getting your vehicle to a safe place to be repaired. As well as this, assistance should give you a jump start if there’s an issue with the battery. You should also call your provider if you lock yourself out or need help with a tyre and there’s no one else to assist you. If you’ve had an accident such as a vehicle collision, you’ll need to call the emergency services.

Everyone should consider getting roadside assistance, simply because almost anyone who drives may have to deal with a breakdown or roadside emergency. There are other things to consider that might sway you either way. If you have an older car, commute often or just want some peace of mind, investing in roadside assistance is a good idea. New drivers should have a look at the options available to them, too. Roadside assistance can save you from added stress in an emergency by providing a much-needed helping hand.