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Three Tips to Save Money on Online Car Rentals


Frequent travellers often scrutinise hotel tariffs and airfares before booking, but when it comes to car rentals, they are ready to pay whatever the rental company is charging. It is essential to check the detailed rental rates because often, you will find hidden fees and parking charges that you usually don’t need. If you are looking to take a road trip or hire a car to travel to a nearby destination, always look for companies that allow online bookings.

Online car rentals are much more convenient than having to contact a car rental company and fill out the forms physically. You also have the chance to enjoy discount offers on online car rentals. Plus, their deals are better, and you will save a lot compared to traditional car rentals.

Join a loyalty programme

Online car rental companies have loyalty programmes for customers who frequently hire their cars. If you are one of those frequent travellers using their car almost every week, you can join their loyalty programme. Members of the company get additional discounts on every ride, and the car rental is also low for the members compared to the one-time renters. Some loyalty programmes also involve the accumulation of bonus points on every ride. You can cash in on your bonus points and enjoy a free ride later or get a hefty discount on one of your rides in the future.

Look for existing discounts

Before you hire a car from an online car rental company, do quickresearch to see if the company is offering any discount for first-time users. Some companies attract new customers by offering massive discounts on their first rental. You can also get referral discounts where, if you can refer another friend or relative to rent a car from the same company using your registration id, you and your friend will enjoy discounts on a few rentals.

Another way to save money on online car rentals is to make use of discount coupons from third-party websites. Some websites ask you to register on their site and use their promo codes and discount vouchers for different car rental companies. Sometimes you get 50% off while some offers allow 5 or 10 free rides. The offers are endless, and if you want to find reliable coupons for your next car rental, you can use the codes available on PlusVoucherCode.

Use credit cards to pay

Online car rental companies love payments through credit cards. They provide frequent discount offers on weekly and monthly rentals that can help save hundreds. If you plan on a vacation where you need to visit popular tourist destinations, hire cars online and pay through your credit card. You will not only save a lot but can spend that amount on other stuff that will make the trip memorable.

It is a universal truth that everyone loves discounts. And, you can make the most of them while renting a car too. Try these steps if you are a regular traveller or a tourist wanting to explore a new city. It takes time to find the best deals online, but you’ll thank yourself for putting in the effort.