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Convert your car to run on BioEthanol

If you don’t want to buy a brand new car designed to run on Bioethanol, but you want to reduce the CO2 emissions of your petrol car, a device exists which changes an ordinary petrol driven car into a clean one by converting it to run on bio-ethanol E85.

Green Fuel’s Full Flex Gold Bi-Fuel Manager plugs into the vehicle’s injectors and communicates with the engine management system to determine the fuel type and therefore how much fuel to inject. Once fitted – an hour long job for a garage – the vehicle can run on bio-ethanol, unleaded petrol or a mix of both.
The results are reduced emissions, cheaper fuel and a power boost. You obviously still need to get hold of the bioethanol to make the most of this conversion – there are only around 15 garages in the UK selling this fuel at the moment, but Morrison’s supermarket chain is now rolling out more pumps on a continual basis following their initial sites in Norfolk and Somerset, and fuel is 2p per litre cheaper than premium unleaded.

Fullflex Gold Bi-fuel Manager has been used for the last 20 years in Brazil where sugarcane – used in the making of bioethanol – is plentiful. Bioethanol is seen as the way forward towards more environmentally friendly motoring. Both Ford and Saab have recently launched FlexiFuel cars while over 9000 such vehicles have been sold in Scandinavia in the last few months.

The Fullflex Manager costs between £395 and £495, dependent on the number of cylinders, and is available from Green Fuels which is the sole distributor for the UK and the rest of Europe.

If your car is still quite new, it’s recommended that you check with your manufacturer about your warranty. And you should also let your insurance company know if you’re running on bioethanol, as it provides extra power.

Green Fuels are based near Stonehouse in Gloucestershire and can be e-mailed at or visit the website at: