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Skoda ENYAQ iV 80x Sportline Plus

Skoda ENYAQ  iV 80x Sportline Plus

Key stats

  • Model/Engine size: Skoda ENYAQ iV 80x Sportline Plus
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Range (WLTP): 317 miles
Skoda ENYAQ  iV 80x Sportline Plus


The Skoda ENYAQ has a lot going for it, but one question is harder to answer; what is it? An SUV, as Skoda suggests, a high riding estate car, or a crossover which covers a multitude of body shapes. We still haven’t made our minds up, but with the adoption of a second motor it does fit into out 4×4 category.

Thanks to the VW Group’s MEB platform, the Skoda benefits from a platform that has been designed to be electric from the start. Most of the range is two wheel drive, and that means rear wheel drive, but by adding a motor to the front axle you get four wheel drive to match the looks.

Talking of looks we think Skoda has got it spot on both inside and out. It is also very practical thanks to a big interior and boot, which allows four adults to be transported in comfort or five in rather less comfort. Our only niggle is that whilst there are some physical buttons for things like ventilation they are actually just short cuts to touchscreen menus.

Stumping for the second motor has the benefit of adding performance and traction but the downside of adding to the purchase price and taking the edge off the range. The problem is that you can only get four wheel drive in combination with a high specification and the biggest 77 kWh (net) battery so it is a chunk more expensive than entry level rear wheel drive models.

However, whilst it is an expensive ENYAQ it remains very well priced compared to potential competitors thanks to a 300 mile official range, 125 kW Ultra Rapid charging capability and a generally good specification. Two surprises are that the energy efficient heat pump is an expensive option, and rear side airbags aren’t standard, both of which should be standard here.

Given the looks you may be wondering if the Skoda is rated for towing. The good news is that it is, you can haul 1,200 kg braked or 750 kg unbraked so anything up to a small caravan is an option. Of course pulling the equivalent of a small car behind you with the aerodynamics of a brick wall will reduce the range, so you do need to factor that in to your adventures.

When you aren’t towing your second home, the ENYAQ delivers an impressive mix of space, refinement, surprisingly good ride comfort despite massive wheels, good performance and a decent driving experience. It is isn’t genuinely fun, but it is very well sorted and better than you expect.

The ENYAQ offers a strong official range with 125 kW Ultra Rapid charge capability, warped in a good looking and spacious body for a (comparatively) very attractive price. As always the Skoda is very cleverly designed with the trademark umbrella hidden in the doors joined by options to keep rear seat passengers comfortable and entertained, to new EV specific features such as the storage compartment under the floor that can include clever touches such as a cleaning device for the cable to keep it clean before storage.

If you are in the market for an electric 4×4 you have to try the Skoda before making your decision.


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Estimated real world range: 220 – 317 miles
Official range: 317 miles
Official electricity consumption: 172.6 Wh/km
Battery pack: 82 kWh (gross) 77 kWh (net) lithium ion; 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty (>70% SoC)
Recharge time: 7 kW charge approx 13 hours; 11 kW  charge approx 7 hours 30 minutes; Rapid CCS 50 kW approx 1 hour 10 mins (0 – 80%); Ultra Rapid CCS 125 kW 38 minutes (0 – 80%)


Please note that CO2 emissions quoted for electric cars are not directly comparable to diesel and petrol cars. This is because CO2 emissions quoted are calculated by Green Car Guide and include the emissions created at the power station turning fuel (e.g. gas etc) into electricity and in transmitting and distributing the electricity to an end user. They do not include the actual production of the fuel (e.g. gas extraction and refinery emissions). Petrol and diesel emissions are supplied by car manufacturers and are based solely on the fuel burnt in the engine (tailpipe emissions) and do not include the production of the fuel or distribution to a fuel station. In practice this means that electric car emissions are over-estimated relative to petrol and diesel. For instance if an electric car, a petrol car, and a diesel car are all reported to emit 100 g/km CO2, the electric car actually has lower emissions.

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Specifications Skoda ENYAQ iV 80x Sportline Plus

  • Fuel economy, extra urban: N/A
  • Fuel economy, urban: 388.1 miles
  • CO2 emissions: Officially 0 g/km. Estimated (317 mile range) approx 36 g/km average UK electricity, (220 mile range) 52 g/km
  • VED: £0 a year
  • Weight: 2,195 Kg
  • BIK Company Car Tax (2023/24): 2%
  • Price: £50,805
  • Insurance group: 32
  • Power: 262 bhp
  • Max speed: 99 mph
  • 0-62mph: 6.9 seconds
  • Torque: 314 lb ft