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Honda’s Insight paying off

Honda’s decision to pitch its new Insight hybrid as a more affordable option is looking cleverer by the day. Tech savvy Japan has taken the Honda Insight to heart with the combination of very low CO2 emissions, good practicality and value for money making it a sales success.

Since its Japanese debut in February to the end of April just under 20,000 Insight’s have been sold in Japan alone. In April sales of 10,481 units made it the best selling car (excluding mini-vehicles under 660cc) according to the latest figures from Japan Automobile Dealers Association. With the Japanese version of the Honda Jazz knocked off the top spot it is the first time that Honda has occupied the industries top two best selling car positions.

The Insight went on sale in the UK in April and has been outselling the soon to be replaced Toyota Prius , sales figures from the important American market are also reported to be strong. It looks like Honda can meet its 200,000 annual global sales target despite the ongoing global economic downturn. The Insight appears to be the right car at the right time.