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New Mazda3 cuts CO2 by up to 19%

The Mazda 3 has been given a thorough overhaul with some impressive results. In addition to specification and visual updates Mazda have managed to shave 15 Kg off, continuing the trend that they started with the Mazda2 to make new models lighter than the outgoing ones. In combination with engine upgrades and improved aerodynamics CO2 emissions have been reduced by up to 19%.

Mazda are claiming that the lowered aerodyanmic drag of Cd 0.28 for the saloon and 0.30 for the hatch are the best in class whilst the new Mazda3 also debuts the ‘i-stop’ engine start/stop system on the 2.0 litre petrol model which can deliver fuel consumption savings of up to 16% on the combined cycle.

The CO2 output of the 1.6 petrol model has been cut to 149g/km, from 162g/km on the current model. The 2.0 petrol is down to 159g/km from 189g/km due in part to the new i-stop technology. The 1.6 diesel model emits just 119g/km, down from 128g/km, and benefits from only £35 per year road tax. Even the range-topping Mazda3 MPS, powered by a turbochared 2.3 petrol engine has slashed CO2 output to 224g/km meaning that the annual road tax will be just £215 as opposed to £405 on the current vehicle,” highlights Mark Cameron.

The new model goes on sale on 18 May with prices starting at £13,500. The 2.0 litre petrol with i-stop will join the range in June.