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A great looking green corporate fleet

Assembling a Green Corporate Fleet

A great looking green corporate fleetThe Rise of the Green Corporate Fleet

As more and more businesses reap the benefits not just of being eco-friendly but of being seen to be eco-friendly, being able to assure customers that your company cars are green cars is increasingly valuable – and allows you to genuinely do your part to contribute to environmental protection into the bargain!

Here at Green Car Guide we believe strongly that electric and other green vehicles are not just a viable alternative to conventional cars – we believe that their wider adoption will become the standard over time.

Making the Right Choice for your Budget

But how easy is it to balance this against the expense of running your fleet? Electric and hybrid cars are developing constantly and their performance is steadily increasing, but differences in how running expenses are calculated can mean it’s difficult to really compare the one against the other.

By using this comparison tool, you can easily calculate the expected running costs for your company cars according to your choice of make and model – just multiply the result by the number of vehicles you’ll need.

Other Considerations

You should also compare our reviews to make sure that your choice measures up to your needs, and to make yourself aware of any other possibilities they open up for your team.

Don’t forget to ensure your charging facilities are up to scratch at all premises – but then, this is rapidly becoming a good move in any case, even building customer loyalty with customers who have ‘gone green’ and developing local awareness of your company as one giving back to the community.

The list of downsides is getting shorter, and the list of upsides just keeps growing.

For more on green cars as a whole, why not check the guides we have available?