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Upcoming Diesel Taxes and Falling Used Mercedes Prices



The debate of petrol or diesel is a very divisive one in the automotive industry, but recent developments shake up the argument and need to be looked at. Although diesel offers greater fuel economy and lower car tax, the emissions have come under fire and measures are being taken to deter motorists from choosing diesel in a bid to reduce CO2 and NO2 emissions.

Upcoming Charges

As of October 2017, a toxicity charge, or “T-Charge”, is being introduced which covers the same area and times as the London Congestion Charge. This will be applied to any petrol or diesel car that does not meet Euro 4 emissions standard (at least) and will cost £10 a day. This is part of a much larger plan to deter motorists from buying diesel and instead opting for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Diesel engines actually produce less CO2 than petrol, but they do naturally emit more nitrogen oxide (NO2) – this has been targeted by the “Toxin Tax” proposed for 2019 by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. This will begin in central London and gradually extend throughout the capital, as well as be introduced in major cities such as Leeds, Birmingham and Southampton.

Drop in Price

As a result of this, the cost of buying a diesel has been drastically reduced and this looks set to continue as more and more motorists become eco-aware and also look to take advantage of the tax benefits of low-emission vehicles. Although many motorists will be turning their attention to electric and hybrid vehicles, the drop in price will make diesel a very tempting option and particularly for those that are not in the capital and can avoid the upcoming charges.

Low Prices for Luxury Cars

In particular, Mercedes is a manufacturer famed for the longevity of its vehicles and it has made millions of diesel models over the years. The Mercedes logo is somewhat of a status symbol, so it is easy to see those that have always dreamed of owning one now taking advantage of this significant drop in price and purchasing a used Mercedes.

Although people had previously been encouraged to purchase diesel due to the lower CO2 emissions, they have now been targeted due to the shift in focus to dangerous NO2 emissions. The upcoming taxes will deter many from owning this type of car, yet the drop in price will appeal to a lot of motorists that have always wanted to drive luxurious automobiles like Mercedes-Benz, and this is particularly true for those outside of urban areas such as London.