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Ford Focus EcoBoost

The Car That Proved Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Enter the Ford EcoBoost

Ford Focus EcoBoost

The Ford EcoBoost is a car to get excited about. Going against the grain and proving that greater size doesn’t always equal greater power, it’s contributed to changing the consumer perception of 1-litre cars, making them a viable option for even the most erstwhile motoring aficionada.

The diminutive show stopper has helped to bring about a wholesale reimagining of what a little engine is capable of. What’s hiding under its bonnet may be small and lightweight, but it’s so ingeniously designed that it still manages to deliver optimum performance combined with increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.

International Engine of the Year for three years running, we take a look at exactly what’s on offer for those who want to invest in one…

#1: Eco Credentials

An EcoBoost engine is an exceptional piece of equipment. Utilising every drop of fuel to reduce consumption and lower CO2 emissions, it can massively decrease a driver’s carbon footprint, making it the perfect option for those who wish to go green.

It does this by directly injecting a precise, highly pressurised amount of fuel into the combustion chamber of its engines. The result is a minimal amount of fuel to provide a maximal amount of power. What’s not to love about that?

#2: A Huge Boost

There are two parts to the etymology of the EcoBoost’s name, and the second is just as important as the first: ‘boost’. Offering an exceptional amount of power courtesy of its inbuilt turbochargers, the kick this car delivers massively exceeds its engine size. Utilising the exhaust gases that usually go to waste, its clever design pushes highly compressed air into the engine to provide a huge boost of power. This impressive performance inarguably puts it on a par with older and heavier 1.6-litre petrol engine alternatives.

#3: An Impressive Amount of Power

The EcoBoost is not content to stop there. Its turbo also generates a stunning spread of torque. Helping to get your wheels spinning at super speed, it is incredibly adept at charging along open roads, with minimal gear changes required. With high torque even at low revs, peak power is always on the table and handling is immediate, responsive, and ready to meet your every motoring need.

With an exciting and well-engineered engine, the EcoBoost has exceeded all expectations, offering exquisite economy and a drive to put most other cars of its class to shame. Enticed? Then contact a company like Motorpoint to get your hands on one today.