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Suzuki Celerio

Three of the Most Economical City Run Arounds

Suzuki Celerio

Often, the greatest outlay associated with owning a car is not its purchase price, but how much it costs to run. If you were to add up the amount you spend on fuel, servicing, insurance, road tax, and so on over your vehicle’s lifetime, it would certainly outweigh your initial spend, which is why those who are on a tight budget need to analyse potential running expenses with an eagle-eyed gaze.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap run around but don’t know where to start, we’ve crunched the numbers and done the hard work for you…

#1: Suzuki Celerio 1.0 SZ2

We all like to have a car that looks good, but sometimes you have to wonder just what quirky styling and cool aesthetics are detracting from. The Suzuki Celerio has nothing to hide. A city car designed to be practical rather than perfectly pretty, it’s incredibly cheap to run, with the total cost of ownership averaging just £7,099.95 over three years. With an attractively developed spec for such an economical option, monthly running expenses total £197.22, which equates to just 24 pence per mile.

#2: Dacia Sandero 1.5 dCi Ambiance

Almost all city cars are designed to be economical, with a diminutive stature and lightweight frame being par for the course, but the Dacia Sandero stands out from the competition. A fully-fledged diesel-powered supermini, it’s well equipped, attractive, and so much fun to drive. But it’s the running costs that really set it apart. With the total cost of ownership equating to £7,212.70, you can expect to enjoy a monthly outlay of just £200, or 24 pence per mile.

#3: Citroen C1

Now to our favourite car on the list: the chic and stylish Citroen C1. Small in stature, it’s absolutely ideal for manoeuvring your way through the urban jungle, and will fit perfectly in even the tiniest of parking spaces. Cute and compact, the three door model is also surprisingly spacious inside, and comfortable to drive. Available in a multitude of specifications, you can tailor it to your unique needs, whether this means fitting it with a reversing camera or installing Bluetooth, whilst always knowing that it has enviably low emissions and 74.3mpg.

Chic, stylish, and unerringly suitable for suburban living, city cars are the perfect choice for those who want minimal fuss and maximum utility from their motor. If you’re trying to keep costs low, which one will you choose?