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The Top Four Eco-Friendly Cars For Leasing



Eco-friendly cars are the future, but they’re also here today, with most car manufacturers building full-electric or petrol-electric hybrid cars.

This technology delivers great economic benefits. With all-electric cars, you’re not paying huge amounts on fuel per month and you will no longer have to pay road tax. Petrol-electric hybrid cars are incredibly fuel-efficient, giving you excellent miles per gallon, meaning you will also save plenty of money on fuel costs.

On top of the financial savings, these cars are designed to help combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions. The more cars that are hybrid or electric, the less emissions that will be produced, resulting in a healthier planet.

Here are four of the top eco-friendly cars currently available to lease with Hippo Leasing.

Volkswagen e-Golf

The regular Golf is an excellent car and has been for generations. However, Volkswagen has taken the brave step of manufacturing an all-electric Golf. It’s similar in most ways to the normal Golf in terms of the interior, and there’s plenty of space.

However, more importantly, there’s an electric motor and a 24.2kWh battery that produces 113 bhp. On a normal household electric socket, it will take around 13 hours to charge fully. You can speed this up with a high capacity charger and bring that time down to four hours. Volkswagen says that on a full charge, you can run this car for 118 miles. This may not sound like a lot but, if you charge it up daily and don’t drive close to that each day, you’ll be fine.

Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF is the most popular electric car in Britain. Not surprising, considering it offers you an electric car for a lower price than most competitors. The LEAF, whilst being an electric car, has stuck with a simple interior design. It is a functional, spacious interior that is comfortable and practical.

The LEAF is powered by an electric motor delivering 107 bhp from 48 lithium-ion battery cells. It accelerates from 0-60 mph in 11.5 seconds and hits a top speed of 89 mph in order to preserve mileage range. There’s a new model that has a 30kWh powertrain; this car will have a range of 100-155 miles on a full charge dependent on your driving style.

BMW i3

BMW has joined the electric party with its i3 hatchback. This city car is designed to provide a premium feel when compared to its closest rivals like the Nissan LEAF. Inside the car, you’ll find a minimalist design with a combination of carbon fibre and optional wood trim, along with a flat floor.

The 94Ah i3 produces 170 bhp and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 7.3 seconds. The 94Ah Range Extender accelerates from 0-60 mph in 8.1 seconds and has an official economy figure of 471mpg.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has reached its fourth generation and it continues to be the hybrid of choice, being the world’s most popular hybrid car.

Toyota has upgraded the hybrid powertrain with a 98bhp 1.8-litre petrol engine combined with a 72 bhp electric motor. It accelerates from 0-60 mph in 10.6 seconds and the engine delivers impressive fuel economy of 94 mpg.

Electric cars will soon become the most popular cars on the road because of how much money you save in fuel bills and road tax, and how much better they are for the environment. Over the next decade, we’ll see a change from cars powered exclusively by fossil fuel to hybrid and electric cars. If you want to take that step today, Hippo Leasing has a variety of electric and hybrid cars available now for car leasing.