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BMW 330d Touring

Three Fuel Efficient Rear-Wheel Drive Cars

Rear-wheel drive cars have a lot to recommend them including pure handling and enhanced power delivery. There are many car aficionadas who would like to fill their garages with them, never allowing a front-wheel alternative to grace their driveway and mar their enjoyment.

Yet they do have one major downside. Although some of the best and most powerful models are only available in rear-wheel form, there are very few that are fuel efficient. They’re made to handle exquisitely rather than be environmentally-friendly, and this can cause a real problem for those who care about their carbon footprint.

Luckily, there are a small number that are far more fuel efficient than most. Here’s our pick of the top three…

#1: BMW 330d Touring

Whilst Jaguar, Mercedes, and Audi offer strong competition in the estate class, this BMW remains king. Comfortable, luxurious, and roomy inside it may be, but the equipment it’s packing beneath its bonnet is even more impressive. Its 3.0-litre straight-six diesel engine serves up 255 hp, gifting it with a blistering acceleration and a top speed of 155mph. Delivering precision handling and a 0-62mph time of 5.6 seconds, it nonetheless claims 52.3mpg economy and just 142g/km CO2 emissions.

#2: Lexus GS 450h

Marrying V6 power with better than expected economy, the Lexus GS 450h also undoubtedly deserves a place on this list. The mid-size sedan looks impressive, with no outward indication of its hybrid nature. With an unapologetically brash spindle grille, luxurious cabin, and beautifully moulded LED headlights, it’s achingly cool and stunningly fast, promising to push you back in your opulently stuffed seat as soon as you put the pedal to the metal. Surprisingly green considering all this, it puts out a healthy 338hp, and returns 46.3mpg.

#3: BMW Z4 sDrive 18i

BMW must be doing something right, because it’s back on this list again, this time with the brilliant Z4. Adhering to a traditional sports car design philosophy – of the engine at the front and rear-wheel drive – it combines phenomenal handling with an exceptional ride, without sacrificing fuel economy in the process. Exciting to look at, great fun to drive, and incredibly efficient for a car of its type, it can be bought new for less than £30,000, making it an extraordinarily attractive prospect.

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