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Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius and a Rapidly Expanding Hybrid Market

Toyota Prius

Due to fantastic innovation and motorists that are becoming increasingly more eco-conscious, the hybrid car market has skyrocketed in recent years. Now, practically every major manufacturer has at least one hybrid available and has a team working hard to develop new technologies that will revolutionise the automotive industry.

The Face of the Industry

Although there are so many different models out there and it is highly competitive, the original hybrid remains the face of the industry and even for all things green. This is the Toyota Prius, which has also evolved and developed over the years to stay ahead of the curve. The world’s first mass-produced hybrid was unveiled in Japan in 1997 and completely shook up the automotive world. It is now on its fourth generation, but has managed to remain the primary model on the market due to the exceptional work of the team at Toyota.


Amazingly, the fuel economy has improved by around 10% with every generation and Toyota has established this as a goal for future releases. The fourth generation has greater fuel economy within a smaller and more compact vehicle that is lower in cost. This has been achieved by brilliant advances in a new generation of powertrains and advances in gasoline, motor, battery and electric technologies.

The Competition

In terms of competition, the Prius goes up against the likes of the BMW i3 Range Extender, the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine and the BMW 330e. Whilst these are all impressive automobiles, they still do not compete with the Prius. In addition to the efficiency and ability to drive in full electric mode and charge from the mains, the Prius also has a lot more interior space compared to its rivals that need to make room for the batteries that power the motor. This makes Toyota’s hybrid a great choice for families.

Not just this, but the fourth generation offers a much more enjoyable driving experience and offers a sleek and sporty design. When shopping at specialists such as RRG Toyota, it can be more manageable to purchase a Prius thanks to the range of finance options.

The hybrid market has exploded in popularity in recent times and there are exciting new innovations constantly being made. Despite all of this, the Toyota Prius remains the face of the industry and the newest generation is an impressive vehicle. The team at Toyota are pioneers in the field and the efficiency and design of the Prius ensure that this looks set to continue in the future.