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Jaguar C-X75: 200mph and 89g/km CO2

Jaguar C-X75 at MIA.jpg The Jaguar C-X75 was the concept car that was never to be made. Labelled ‘Formula Student for grown-ups’ by a student engineer at this year’s Low Carbon Motorsport Conference, Mike Gallery of Jaguar Land Rover and Paul Newsome of Williams Advanced Engineering described, with boy-like glee, the opportunity of a lifetime.

Detailing the aims and results of Jaguar’s commemorative C-X75, the project demonstrated how a hybrid system could be combined to produce the desirability and performance of a Veyron, range of a Chevrolet Volt, with emissions to match those of a Prius. It was no mean feat.

Built in just two years, the final version of the C-X75 is an engineering masterpiece. It has been designed around the driver to offer maximum security and maintain the ideal centre of gravity. Doing 0-100mph in less than six seconds, the excitement in discovering during tests that 200mph was achieved, without even trying, hasn’t the least bit faded with time. It’s eco-credentials boast less than 89g/km of CO2 emissions, assisted by 37 miles (60km) of pure electric driving.

A short run of production was cancelled due to the global economic climate, yet Gallery commented that this was by no means a wasted expense to JLR, citing the learning curves in knowledge and process as hugely valuable to the future of Jaguar’s range.

Adrian Moore, of Xtrac, supplier of Pagani’s Zonda R and Huayra transmissions, echoed this sentiment. Xtrac was involved in the initial conversations about transmission, which was one of the biggest challenges facing the engineers, due to the short distance between axles. However, when the car eventually went to production, Ricardo won the tender to produce the transmission. Xtrac left the project, yet Moore sees this as a positive outcome, as it went on to determine the next phase in business for Xtrac.

The Low Carbon Motorsport Conference was held at the NEC ahead of Autosport International, with combinations and collaborations dominating the discussions. Read more about the
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By Cat Dow