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Giveacar’s top ten donated cars


Giveacar, which turns unwanted cars into cash for charities, has marked its first birthday by revealing the top ten list of donated cars… as well as the wackiest!

Giveacar is a social enterprise launched by a Nottingham University graduate, which works in partnership with more than 300 good causes nationwide, and it has collected 3,000 vehicles – ranging from an iconic classic car to a jet-ski and even a mobile recording studio – since its launch a year ago.

To mark its anniversary, Giveacar has unveiled its top ten list of prized vehicles that have come under the hammer in aid of their owner’s chosen charity – as well as some of the more bizarre.

Prized manufacturers such as Jaguar, BMW and Land Rover all figure prominently in the top ten earners for charities – as does a 1960s MGC convertible which netted £3,300.

But the title of top-fund raiser went to a Vauxhall VX220 – complete with a sought-after personalised number plate.

Founder of Giveacar, 24-year-old Tom Chance, said: “We specialise in collecting cars with what we call the ‘Ex-Factor’ – those that have become unroadworthy, unused or unloved.

“You would not believe the range of vehicles that we have been able to transform into cash – as well as some of the best-known names in motoring, we’ve even managed to generate income for our charity partners from a jet-ski, a mobile recording studio and several caravans.

“The concept has really captured people’s imagination. We expect to raise even more money for more charities in the next 12 months and beyond, as an ever-increasing number of owners decide to say farewell to their cars.

“With record fuel prices poised to get even higher come April 1, spiralling insurance premiums especially for young women, and a new crackdown on insurance cheats just around the corner, the road ahead for motorists has never been so bleak or costly.”

Tom’s idea has proven ‘the wheel deal’ for Giveacar’s growing list of affiliated charities, who have benefited by more than £250,000 by the initiative so far – a much-needed extra source of income in the tough economic climate.

Giveacar’s top ten charity fund-raisers are:

1. Vauxhall VX220              £4,771.88
2. MGC                                  £3,382.74
3. Suzuki Grand Vitara     £2,185.00
4. Jaguar XJS                     £1,991.80
5.  Recording studio         £1,543.77
6. Audi A4                            £1,521.00
7. Vauxhall Corsa              £1497.25
8. Toyota Landcruiser      £1355.49
9. BMW 530                         £1328.71
10. Citroen C3                    £1266.17

Head of Corporate Fundraising at Marie Curie Cancer Care, Arun Sharma said: “Giveacar provides a unique way for people to support Marie Curie Cancer Care and we are delighted to have their support. The funds raised from the cars donated help Marie Curie nurses provide free home nursing care and support for terminally ill people and their families.”

The initiative is also supported by local authorities and environmental charities for the ‘green’ way in which is takes unroadworthy cars off the streets and disposes of them.

Regardless of their condition, cars are picked up by Giveacar free-of-charge direct from people’s homes and sold at auction or disposed of at an authorised treatment centre. Proceeds from the sale are donated to a charity of the car owner’s choice, or one of the Giveacar’s partner charities. Even if the banger is scrapped, it still nets the selected good cause a minimum £40.

The scheme is intended to discourage those irresponsible owners who may consider abandoning their cars, spoiling the appearance of the local environment and also costing local taxpayers’ money to remove and dispose of it.

Tom added: “The DVLA reports that two million cars are taken off the road, yet only half are disposed of at an authorised treatment facility. If you ring a number which you saw on a lamppost, there is every chance your car will be picked apart, then left to rot, causing considerable environmental damage.

“At Giveacar, we only use authorised facilities that recycle a minimum of 85 per cent of the weight of your vehicle.”

For more details visit or call the Giveacar team on 020 0011 1664.