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Jaguar I-PACE 400PS Electric HSE

Top 5 Green Cars 2020 in the UK

Every country, whether big or small, is taking steps towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow, and the automobile industry is one that has brought forward the biggest change – Green Cars.

Green Cars – cars that are eco-friendly, leading to minimal harm to the environment. Previously, 99% of the vehicles that we saw on the road used petrol or diesel.

Green Cars are also more appealing to business users as the lower emissions lead to lower Benefit-in-Kind tax rates, from electric cars to  hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Here are the top Green Cars of the year.

The Top 5 Green Cars of 2020

BMW i3

It’s a BMW and a green car – so pretty much tops the list. The beauty about this car is not just in its lower emissions and electric powertrain, but also in its compact design and the minute attention to detail that it offers to every consumer.

The one-box design encompasses a four-seater interior with bare carbon fibre-reinforced plastic on the door sills and rear-hinged doors for access to the inside. The manufacturer also paid attention to the tyres which are designed to reduce drag giving a smooth and effortless ride. BMW also paid attention to the cabin and used natural fibres, adding to the overall ‘greenness’ of the car.

You did have a choice with the i3, either full electric with the i3 EV model or the range extender i3 REx. The i3 EV Model added a new 33kWh battery pack in the 2016 update which improved the car’s range by 50% per cent, to almost 190 miles. The i3 REx featured a two-cylinder motorcycle engine that recharged the battery, with emissions of just 12g/km. The i3 Rex has now been discontinued.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan entered the green car industry in 2010 with the LEAF with its hatchback looks and electric drive system.

It finds itself on the top green cars list due to its affordability, the ease of driving, and bigger battery and longer range that came with the updated Mk2 in 2018. The latest model of the car boasts a 200+ miles claim. Nissan is also a repair-friendly brand and various car garage service centres can provide maintenance.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is a name that has been associated with the world of eco-friendly cars since it first arrived in 1997. It’s a petrol-electric pioneer that has been going for 20 years.

The Prius Plug-in returns emissions of 49g/km and economy of 134.5mpg. Even if you don’t plug-in that often, it still returns as much as a regular Prius.

Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar I-PACE 400PS Electric HSE

The Jaguar I-PACE offers a blend of performance, luxury, and an efficient drive. The I-PACE also packs four-wheel drive with the help of its two electric motors. You can opt for a full car service at any garage.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S 100D

The Tesla Model S offers a blend of sporty and practicality, along with a huge tablet display in the centre console.

The top-spec models also promise a 2.5 seconds time to reach 62mph, owing to the power of the two-motor, four-wheel-drive set-up. The model also offers autonomous driving modes, including cruise control, lane-keeping, hands-free steering, and many other impressive features that get you closer to self-driving. Not to mention the constant software updates keep you up to date.