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Ford Focus Electric at LCV2013

lcv2013-ford-focus-electric-crop.jpg Another new vehicle at LCV2013 was the Ford Focus Electric. Unlike the Tesla or the i3, this is not a car that has been designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Instead it’s just a regular Focus with the internal combustion engine replaced with an electric powertrain.

Therefore perhaps not surprisingly, the Focus Electric drives very much like a conventional Focus. Whereas some people may like the idea of an all-new electric car, others might prefer the familiarity of a Ford Focus.

The Ford Focus Electric features an electric motor and lithium-ion battery powertrain that produces 142PS, achieves a top speed of 85mph and is capable of a driving range of over 100 miles.

The production Ford Focus Electric is now on sale in the UK priced from £33,500, or £28,500 after the £5,000 UK Government Plug-in Car Grant.

Ford will initially introduce a low volume of Focus Electric vehicles to the UK, with fleet customers as the main target market.

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