Charging EVs

Outlined here are some of the charger types available. It is important to note that it is the vehicle and not the charge point that determines charging time.

Charger types

3 pin plug
Suited to emergency or short-term charging. Some domestic electricity supply does not have sufficient capacity to charge EVs, and plugs and cables can melt. A 3 pin plug will give between 8-10 miles of charge per hour plugged in.

Wall mounted charge point
Generally home chargers and usually between 3kW and 7kW, this equates to around 15-30 miles of charge per hour.

Floor mounted public charge point
Can be 3kW, 7kW and increasingly 22kW, the latter charging at up to 80 miles of charge per hour.

Fast charger
Generally found at motorway service areas, but increasingly being installed at urban rapid charging hubs. 50kW offers 70-80 miles of charge in 30 minutes. Rapid chargers offering between 120kW and 350kW of power are being developed and installed, but currently very few vehicles can charge at these rates.

Grants for charge point installation

OLEV home charge scheme
Offers 75% of cost of installation of a home charge point, can be arranged at point of sale.

OLEV workplace charge scheme
Offers 75% of cost (up to £500 per socket) for points at workplaces to enable employees to charge whilst at work.

On-street residential charge point scheme
Supports the provision of EV charge points in residential areas with limited off-street parking provision.

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