ULEV technologies

Hybrid (or ‘self-charging’ hybrid)

Uses an electric motor alongside a standard internal combustion engine. Can sometimes travel very short distances on electric power alone. Uses regenerative breaking to recharge the battery. The vast majority of hybrids have emissions that are over 75g/km CO2.

Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

As above but with a larger battery and will travel around 30 miles on electric power. The battery can be charged by plugging in to a socket and via regenerative braking.

Battery electric vehicle (BEV)

Powered by an electric motor, no internal combustion engine. Ranges from 90 miles to around 250-300 miles on a single charge on the latest EV models.

Range-extended electric vehicle (REEV)

These vehicles use a small petrol engine as a generator to charge the battery and therefore increase vehicle range. These are now being phased out by many manufacturers as BEV ranges increase.

Hydrogen fuel cell

Similar to an REEV, this uses a hydrogen power plant to charge the batteries. There are currently very few in the UK as the hydrogen fuelling network is extremely limited.


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