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Get background information about an electric car through its VIN code

If you want background information about a vehicle you want to purchase, including an electric vehicle, then this can be done by running a VIN check, when all the available information on the car connected to the number comes up.

What is a VIN?

A VIN stands for “vehicle identification number”. It is a peculiar alphameric code that car makers use to identify cars. It can track a vehicle and download a car’s history. If there is any information recorded about a vehicle, it can be retrieved when the VIN is known.

The length of your VIN depends on the year the car was manufactured. Automobiles produced before 1981 have 11 characters in their VIN, while those made after 1981 have 17 characters. Both of these codes are useful and can be worked with.

Decoding Your Car’s VIN

VINs are not just a random combination of letters and numbers to give mystery and identification to a vehicle. All the characters in a VIN code mean something. The letters and numbers are obtained from the different information about the vehicle.

This free VIN decoder tool can check for necessary information about your vehicle. It is also a convenient tool when shopping for cars. To get a deeper understanding of how the VIN is created, what it stands for, and how it can help you make wiser decisions concerning your choice of automobile, here is a breakdown of each character in the VIN code and how they are created.

Significance of the first three characters in a VIN code

The first three characters in a VIN code are referred to as the “WMI,” which stands for “world manufacturer identifier.”

The first character in this group tells you where it came from. Each country has its symbol in the code. Some countries are represented with letters and some with numbers. For example, cars made in the United States have the numbers 1, 4, or 5 as the first character in their VIN, while cars made in Canada have a VIN that starts with the number 2. Vehicle identification numbers in Japan begin with J; vehicle identification numbers in Germany start with G, and so on. It all varies for different countries.

The second character refers to the brand of the car (i.e. the car manufacturer). For instance, A stands for Audi, B for BMW, and so on. This part is tricky because some brands have similar symbols. The letter A can also symbolise Jaguar or Mitsubishi, and the letter R can also stand for Audi. This confusion is, however, quickly cleared up when you see the third character.

The third character in this grouping, combined with the first two, establishes what kind of vehicle it describes. It tells you whether it is a truck, an SUV, or a car. So, if it is a Chevrolet, the first three characters will be “1GC.” One will symbolize the USA, G for General Motors, and C for trucks.

Significance of the following six characters in a VIN code

The first five characters in this section are called the “Vehicle Descriptor Section” because the characters in this section describe the vehicle.

The first five characters in this section (fourth to eight characters) symbolize the model type, the transmission code, the engine code, and the body type.

The last character in this section, the ninth character in the VIN, is often a digit that the department of transportation technically and strategically develops. This number is used to verify whether the VIN is valid and registered by the country or if it is a made-up code used for criminal activities. It is known as a “check digit.”

Significance of the last eight characters in a VIN code

The tenth character in the VIN is called the “vehicle identifier.” It is used to identify the year the vehicle was produced.

The eleventh character refers to the production plant where the vehicle was put together. It is called a plant code. Every car manufacturer has their plant code.

The last six characters (the twelfth to the seventeenth) are known as the production numbers. They are like serial numbers. For instance, the first of that particular car will have “000001” as the production number. To decode your VIN, you can use this free VIN decoder tool.